Bhavik Patel

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine.

Bhavik Patel

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine.

Dr Bhavik Kantibhai Patel


Osteopaths are supposed to treat patients holistically, preventing illness and getting injured. In the United States, osteopathic doctors make up about 11% of all doctors. They offer an innovative, patient-centered approach in nearly every field of medicine. Doctors are trained to listen to their patients and work together to keep them healthy. 

Osteopathy, what’s it all about? 

All the body’s systems are interconnected in osteopathic philosophy, which works to promote healing. Doctors of Osteopathy are trained in osteopathy, which focuses on holistic treatment, taking into account the whole person, not just symptoms. Osteopathic medicine is one of the fastest growing sectors in healthcare today with most medical students enrolled in osteopathic schools.

How does Osteopathic Medicine differ from other medicine? 

A licensed DO doctor can perform surgery and prescribe medicine in every state, just like their MD counterparts. In addition, DOs provide unique patient care because they take a holistic approach. In addition, DOs start off as generalists before becoming specialists. Usually, DOs are family practitioners who specialize in primary care. In many small towns and rural areas, physician assistants care for whole families and communities.

What’s the licensing and certification process like for doctors? 

All U.S. physicians must be licensed by state licensing boards to practice osteopathic medicine. There are different requirements in each state. The amount of time it takes to acquire a license depends on whether you pass an examination administered by your state licensing board or accept a certificate awarded by the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners after you pass a series of exams. 

If you’re having licensing questions, you can contact state licensing authorities in the Federation of State Medical Boards directory. Board certification in a medical specialty or subspecialty is earned by meeting the requirements of a specialty certifying board. American Osteopathic Association or American Board of Medical Specialties exams are required to become board certified in the United States. You have to pass written, practical, and simulator exams to become a board-certified physician.

Who is Bhavik Patel and how is he different from other osteopathic doctors? The first time you meet Dr. Bhavik Patel, you’re immediately struck by his calm, confident demeanour. When they first meet him, he makes them feel like they’re in good hands. Even with a crowded waiting room, he’s friendly and attentive, answering all the questions and explaining any doubts with patience and understanding. This doctor has a lot of experience in the field of medicine and is very committed to his profession. For more visit

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